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Chiropractic Care for Herniated Discs at Meyer Medical and Chiropractic

A herniated disc is often the source of chronic back pain or neck pain for patients we see at Meyer Medical and Chiropractic in Orlando and Apopka. An evaluation by Dr. Meyer can help pave the way for a treatment plan that offers natural relief. Our team provides various chiropractic techniques to reduce pain or discomfort caused by herniated discs effectively. We are committed to providing our patients the care they need to live free of back pain and discomfort.


What Is a Herniated Disc?

Your spine is composed of 24 vertebrae bones. To prevent the spinal bones from rubbing against each other, they are separated by discs that act as shock absorbers. Each disc has a gel-filled center. A herniated disc occurs when the gel-like center of the disc ruptures, causing the spinal discs to compress the spinal nerves. Several terms are used to refer to a herniated disc. Sometimes, it may be referred to as a bulging disc when the nucleus becomes intact but bulge outwards, causing spinal nerves irritation. However, a true ruptured or herniated disc occurs when the nucleus cracks, causing the gel to leak out.

Herniated Disc Symptoms 

The symptoms of a herniated disc vary significantly depending on the location of the herniation. If the disc ruptures on your lumbar region, you may experience lower back pain that radiates to the legs (sciatica pain). Sometimes you may feel a tingling sensation when walking or standing. When you have ruptured a disc, lying flat on your back is usually your most comfortable posture. Other symptoms of a herniated disc include:

  • Cramping or muscle spasms on your legs or back
  • Leg muscles weakness
  • Loss of ankle or knee reflex
  • Back pain that increases with bending or twisting
  • In severe cases, you may experience loss of bowel control

Causes of a Herniated Disc

A herniated disc is likely to occur when you injure your back in an auto accident, sports activity, fall, or slip. Besides, a personal injury like improper weight lifting can rupture your disc. Additionally, as you grow old, your discs may become weak and bulge out, irritating the nerves. Other factors like smoking, genetics, and certain recreational activities may trigger disc degeneration.

Treatment for Herniated Discs

If you have ruptured a disc, our chiropractor can treat your condition naturally. Spinal adjustment helps realign your out-of-position joints or discs, alleviating pressure on the spinal nerves. Our chiropractor may also recommend stretching exercises, nutritional counseling, physical therapy, and lifestyle advice to relieve your pain or discomfort and prevent it from reoccurring.  

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