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Personal Injury Chiropractor

Visit Our Orlando Chiropractor after a Personal Injury Accident

The types of accidents that commonly cause musculoskeletal injuries mostly consist of motor vehicle accidents, slip-and-falls, sports injuries, and workplace injuries. Our Orlando chiropractor here at Meyer Medical and Chiropractic focuses on the care and treatment of musculoskeletal injuries that affect your bones, joints, muscles, tendons, and ligaments after a personal injury accident.


The Treatment Plan from Our Orlando Chiropractor

Some victims of injury might feel pain immediately after being in an accident. Others might not experience any symptoms for a day or two. In either case, we can perform neurological and orthopedic examinations at the time of your initial visit. Based on the findings of those examinations, a customized treatment plan that is aimed at reducing or completely eliminating your pain and discomfort will be formulated. 

Treatment from Our Orlando Chiropractor Is Non-Invasive

Many accident victims believe that they might need to turn to potentially addictive medications or even surgery after an accident. Chiropractic treatment is an alternative form of medicine though. Operating rooms, scalpels, needles, hardware, and bone grafts aren't used. Non-invasive chiropractic adjustments coupled with other treatment modalities are targeted at the source of a patient's pain and not at the symptoms. Chiropractic treatment techniques even result in the release of hormones that naturally reduce pain without the need for medication.

Hidden Injuries

Personal injury victims often have hidden injuries like spinal disc or nerve involvement that manifest themselves days or weeks after an accident. Our Orlando chiropractor can also help you by uncovering and treating hidden injuries before they can cause additional pain.

Chiropractic Care and Treatment Promotes Faster Healing

When you've injured one part of your body, nerves there send messages to your brain telling it that you've been hurt. Medications might temporarily reduce the intensity of those signals, but the root cause of the injury remains. As opposed to medications, chiropractic treatment focuses on the root cause of the pain and corrects it with directed treatment.

Visit Our Orlando Chiropractor after Your Personal Injury Accident

You might be suffering from headaches, neck, shoulder, or lower back pain after an accident. At Meyer Medical and Chiropractic in Orlando, our mission is to develop effective treatment plans for all of our patients and reduce or completely eliminate their injury symptoms while improving their overall health. Contact us after any personal injury accident to arrange for an appointment with our chiropractor.